ZANG TOI Fall/Winter 2017

ZANG TOI Fall/Winter 2017

February 13, 2017. When many think of fashion, they think of hair, clothing and accessories. Zang Toi proved fashion is so much more.  At this year’s NY Fashion Week 17, Toi used his love of fashion and music to create the full experience.


ZANG TOI Fall/Winter 2017 ZANG TOI Fall/Winter 2017

Toi’s collection featured pantsuits for both men and women as well as dresses. Stoic high necks including turtlenecks, high collars and pearl chokers were seen throughout the collection. One male model stood out in a velvet suit paired with a white tie and white dress shirt.


Although the Zang Toi collection stayed in the black and navy family, Toi did incorporate white into his collection.

Midway through the collection alluring operatic vocals filled the room as Zang Toi’s elegant dress presentation stole the show. Toi’s sapphire and raven silk, satin and velvet gowns swept across the runway. Capes draped over several gowns creating a look of royalty. Each model featured the dramatic red lip and hair pulled back in a classic tight bun.


ZANG TOI Fall/Winter 2017ZANG TOI Fall/Winter 2017














As always Zang Toi’s collection stayed true to his impeccable reputation. The final model ascending down the runway arm in arm with Toi summoned a grand applause from the audience.





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