Valentines Day Lip Pucker

Valentines Day Lip Pucker

It seems like winter is just starting and suddenly it’s Valentine’s Day. That means pucker up, Baby. Pucker not so pert? Make the most of your mouth with the incredible kissable options below.
Valentines Day Lip Pucker

Glitter Lips

If you are 25 and under, all you need is a luscious lippy. Resist the urge to go all Kylie Jenner as IRL that is freakish. Ok, I’m the only one who feels this way but I was distracted this past week in yoga to the point of falling out of half-moon by the weirdly large permanent pucker on the woman directly behind me. I wondered if her gargantuan lips caused her to topple over in crow. From my headstand it looked like a lip-mat mash-up waiting to happen. No good. Who wants to kiss a pair of mating red slugs?

Start by priming your lips with moisturizing gloss: Burts Bees, Dior’s Addict Gloss in Incroyable or Sally Hanson Diamond 12-Hour Lip Treatment. You could even do a mask over night. We recommend Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask to condition lips overnight. Leave it plain or follow up with a red or pink shade of lipstick or gloss. Now is not the time to try out a blue or nude color. Go full on VDay with red splendor using Louboutin’s Rouge Velvet

Valentines Day Lip Pucker

Louboutin’s Rouge Velvet

Matte or Rimmel’s new The Only 1 lipstick in One of a Kind. Play coy with a sweet pink such as M.A.C.’s Saint Germain. Goth taste? Try Nars’ Red Lizard for a sexy dark that remains true to a Valentine’s theme. Celebrate David Bowie’s glam period with Undercover Glamour’s Glitter Lips in Sparkling Rose.

For serious Valentine’s lip preparation;

Fillers are the way to go. Most of today’s fillers have lidocaine built into their formulas, making for a less excruciating experience than in the past. Restylane Silk and Juvederm’s Volbella are among the best temporary fillers for lips. Just make sure you use a reputable doctor with similar aesthetic tastes to yours. Dr. Marc Epstein, a practiced cosmetic doctor and sculptor based in Miami Beach, FL and NY can transform your mouth into symmetrical pillows in proper scale to your face. New York Obecano’s Dr. Ingeborg Dziedzic also gives a great lip job while herself displaying one of the best, most kissable filler results I’ve seen. Injectables can be pricey and aren’t permanent though but buy one or ten less pairs of shoes.

If injecting foreign medical grade stuff into your mouth is unappealing or not affordable look to other products.

Using a cayenne pepper to inflame your lips is just dumb and painful. Instead try Dr. Thienna’s Candylipz, the latest beauty trend which promises to give you a fuller pout lasting up to several days. Kylie Jenner is a fan. Candylipz,Valentines Day Lip Pucker

based on the ancient cupping method, uses suction to achieve a plumped apple shaped effect. Surprisingly, it really works, but you have to practice and prepare for the best results. Basically, you place an apple shaped suction devise on your lips for about 2 minutes and get super sucker results that last hours to days depending on your skin and skill with the devise. Be warned: Initially you’ll  bruise until your lips get conditioned and the results won’y last as long. So don’t wait until an important day to start. Candylipz allows you the freedom to do both or just one lip. I have barely any lips to begin with, so had to do both. There is also an single and double lobe option. Double lobe creates a sexy indenture on the bottom lip. In the back of my mind I worry about the long term effects of stretching the skin in this area, but the plumping does make lines less noticeable. To help offset bruising and marks, don’t use aspirin, fish oil or vitamin E at least two weeks prior. And use arnica, always use arnica.


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