The world-renowned Coterie trade show

The world-renowned Coterie trade show

The ever-changing landscape of the fashion cycle keeps us fashionistas on our toes and the Javits Center in New York City was the place to be as fashion insiders buzzed like a bee to honey to check out the juried selection of world-class designers.  The world-renowned Coterie trade show is produced by UBM and showcases premier women’s ready-to-wear, accessories and footwear.  It is three levels featuring over 1,400 designers and has become a fashion mecca for retailers and buyers from major retailers to niche boutiques to do business as usual.  FashionEdits dedicated hours to find you the best of Coterie and present you with designers that are worthy checking out.


With so many options and so little time, some designers reinvented their booth with creative ways to draw its audience’s attention. Hudson Jeans did just that with their pop-up show titled HUDSON Unfiltered Live in NYC that included live shows from Hamilton star and Tony Winner Davved Diggs and Rafael Casal of the #BARS Workshop as well as a performance from Monakar featuring lead singer and Grammy nominated Matthew Santos.  Hudson Jeans CEO and founder Peter Kim with his calm, cool London edge with L.A. glam had this to say, “the concept here was born out of a real simple thing that we believe in, for us this whole thing is about people first, first and foremost, and our business comes second and our motto is just as simple, we believe in taking care of our business and having shit loads of fun doing it and as we are doing all of this, giving back to the world and leaving a mark where hopefully we leave it a better place.”  Past project donated 10% of the proceeds from the show to 18 for 18 Project Rescue, an anti-sex trafficking organization and raised over $220,000.  This year, Hudson Jeans is committed to raising funds for two organizations, Getlit, a literally program out of L.A. and #BARS Workshop, a musical-rap theater program for the youth to have a positive outlet through spoken words and narrative.





In the main hall where the premier advanced contemporary apparel and accessory brands lined the sprawling space without an inch to spare, FashionEdits found an interesting bag company from Bergamo, Italy that produces bags that weighs less than your average water bottle.  Save My Bag (SMB) is a durable, lightweight bag born in 2013 that is fashionable yet practical and is 100% made in Italy.  Utilizing a fabric similar to neoprene, its poly-lyrca material is lighter and the bags are lined with low-density foam, making it washable and waterproof.  The bag is perfect for travel due to its flexible material that can fit into awkward nooks and crannies and is strong enough to carry up to 26lbs.  It comes in 30+ vibrant colors from acid green to aubergine.  “It’s a design inspiration from an iconic brand.  It’s for the woman that doesn’t take herself so seriously that has humor and she doesn’t have to show that she can buy a real Birkin or a real expensive bag,” said Alessandro Matteuzzi, the brand manager for SMB.  Today SMB has 30 mono-brand stores worldwide and is opening one in New York in the near future.


coterie-Save My Bag


In the TMRW section of the trade show that houses advanced contemporary lines and emerging designers with global perspective, the eponymous line, Katharine Kidd, caught FashionEdit’s attention due to her feminine aesthetic with a modern twist.  Kidd was working the booth with a beautiful bomber jacket with a myriad of vibrant of colors and patterns made from a neoprene like fabric that elevated this on trend fashion to new heights.  Due to the construction of the fabric, the jacket held its beautiful bell cap silhouette with mesh holes that mimicked a barbed wire fence.  Kidd explained, “This season specifically because of the materials and how structured they are and how they can hold a shape, there is a lot of bigger shapes, ruffles and different things between the materials that was used and the patterns that kind of stand out a little more while still being a classic thing anyone can wear.”  This southern bell from Atlanta, Georgia is now based in Los Angeles and has dressed Hollywood’s darlings like Kate Beckinsale and Rachel McAdams.




Our last leg of the show ended at EDIT, a curated advanced contemporary and luxury ready to wear section of the show, FashionEdits caught up with the lovely Terese Brown of Terese Sydonna. We love her non-fuss approach to her clothing that could be thrown in the wash, yet you would never believe it by the luxurious look of her clothes.  Her beautiful kimono jacket with romantic landscapes of nature was ready to wear on trend.  The SS17’ collection was inspired by artist Romare Bearden’s painting, Blue is Smoke of War, White is the Bones of Men, where abstract expressionism of people and landscapes explode on canvas.  Brown explained, “The exploration of abstract and expressionist art, spirituality, and Eastern cultures can be seen in the prints and silhouettes used in the collection.  Elegantly crafted knits and sleek tailoring results in a timeless collection.”


















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