The EAB Project

The EAB Project

It was an evening of stunning jewelry and thought-provoking conversation with some of the jewelry industry’s most inspirational designers.




Buddha Mama’s latest collection of bracelets, necklaces, amulets, pendants, and rings emit spirituality, faith, and joy.


Buddha Mama is a handmade jewelry line inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions. The collection is rooted in the philosophy of contribution and it all started at the kitchen table. Looking for a way to raise funds for her local Buddhist center, Zen Village, Nancy Badia began stringing beads and selling bracelets in order to contribute her profits from their sale. Badia’s jewelry embraces life creatively all the while continuing to honor her spirituality. With the help of one of Nancy’s daughter’s jewelry designer Dakota Badia and childhood friend Leyla, the designs continue to expand.



Nancy Badia enriches her designs in her latest collection with a clear dedication to the warmth and positive energy. Buddha Mama’s fresh styles are ever evolving with an edgy flair. Behind each design are Nancy’s passion for historical jewelry from around the world, modern fashion and her personal experience wearing and selling jewelry.


Her mission: “To be able to do what we love and give back in the process is the biggest blessing anyone could ask for”










Pamela Huizenga uses earthly materials to craft inspirational fine jewelry for artistic souls.

Pamela Huizenga creates exclusive jewelry that combines precious gems from around the world. Huizenga focuses her jewelry designs on the colors, textures, and shapes found in the gifts from Mother Earth. Inspired by the dichotomies in nature, Huizenga is constantly searching the globe for beautiful and intriguing stones, evidenced in the magnificent colors in her jewelry.


At age 16, Pamela began studying the art of stone cutting. This early passion for rocks leads her down the path of exploring design and the jewelry industry as a whole. In 2009 Huizenga launched her luxury label celebrating the earth’s natural beauty.


Huizenga, a lapidarian, still cuts her own gemstones. She will regale you with fantastic tales of her journeys in search of the rare stones. Each handmade piece tells its own unique story.


In her latest line, Huizenga uses petrified wood in her bracelets as well as fossilized fern with raw diamonds. The same way one might use fossilized wood, Huizenga uses the fern tree or fern bush from Indonesia and Botswana agate to create unexpected patterns.

Inspired by the beauty and brilliance of all natural semiprecious and precious gemstones, Huizenga designs jewelry set in fine 18-22k gold, sterling silver or 18-22k gold vermeil.


Today you can find Pamela Huizenga Jewelry in the most luxurious of high-end retail stores, independent jewelers, and boutiques around the globe. As talented as she is a jewelry designer is as interesting and relatable a person she is to engage in conversation.






From deeply personal pendants to meaningful tokens and necklaces Delphine Leymarie jewelry will charm in more ways than one.


The Delphine Leymarie Jewelry collection is bold and edgy. Her use of trendy and fashionable materials provide her jewelry with unique character. These designs are cast in recycled 18k gold & silver and set with post-consumer certified or ethically sourced gemstones.


Leymarie has created jewelry to suit every mood, every taste, and every personality. Her collection of rings is impressive as are her pendants, necklaces and wax chains. Her charms including Boheme mini unicorn horns and blue crescent moons carry a sense of whimsy paired with a savvy awareness of the world around her.


Her mix and match earrings of brilliant stones were the subtle standouts. Their vivid colors and delicate settings in sharp contrast to skulls, serpents and my personal favorite the “Heartbeat” rings and necklaces highlighted the collection.


French-born Delphine Leymarie has always found solace in the arts. An avid and classically trained dancer, she also has a natural affinity with numbers that first led her to Business School. While immersed in a career in corporate finance, she decided to give in to her desire to also nurture her creative soul in jewelry making.


Delphine Leymarie designs and hand sculpts her chic and modern fine jewelry line in NYC.




Adam Foster: “A great respect for tradition and intricate workmanship fuels my desire to create personal, contemporary pieces with a classic connection to the past.”


Adam Foster’s work simultaneously combines avant-garde and elegance. He blends Old World jewelry-making techniques with the latest technology to create modern pieces with a nod to the past. In his collection, Foster pairs gold with semi-precious materials for a style distinctly his own.


Grey moonstone pear earrings with blue sapphires and white diamonds, a cushion cut tourmaline feather ring with diamond spines, a 38-inch strand of white howlite beads with 18k gold accents and an exquisitely carved quartz ring hand-painted with crushed mother-of-pearl and diamonds dotting its outer ring are a small sample of Foster’s exquisite jewelry line.


Adam Foster’s treasure chest of jewelry offers an image of sophisticated elegance created by a mood of history and luxury.







Each totally wearable piece is a personal statement of both the designer and the owner- a statement of culture and fine art.


Victor Velyan’s jewelry is a true expression of himself. Inspired by architecture, music, nature, travel, and history, Velyan combines metals and striking gemstones. It is clear Velyan’s jewels express his passionate approach to life. His rings, cuffs and classic pendant necklace all share an antique quality. Each piece is accented with stones of refined shapes, many of which are brightened by spots of diamonds.


Victor Velyan’s romantic pieces mixed into a modern wardrobe make the perfect of a marriage of femininity and culture. Velyan’s talent and vision have placed him as a true innovator in today’s fashion-inspired jewelry world.










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