The Best Hat For The Heat Spony

The Best Hat For The Heat Spony


Elevate your summer gym sesh with the perfect ponytail cap. If you plan to run this summer, you better have a hat. Grab the Spony when heading out to train, race, on the go, or even on your next trip! When dressing yourself for a run, it might seem like the top of your head is at the bottom of your priorities. But whether it’s a super hot day or a freezing cold night, working out in great head gear can make the sweat sesh incredible, instead of impossible. Stretch your shampoo shortage to day three with one of these super cute hats:

Patent-pending Convertible Women’s Ballcap

Back center seam constructed with separable Velcro closure instead of sewn shut

Added pockets provided inside cap to keep Velcro on side flaps from coming in contact with hair

Can be worn as a regular closed ballcap AND as an open-backed ponytail cap

Made in the USA

Open up back of cap for ventilation, and close up back for protection from rain or extreme weather

Whether you’re on your way to the gym, a busy mama, or your hair just refuses to cooperate, Spony has your back. Take your gym routine to the next level with the perfect blend of fashion and function!

Need a sporty, stylish hat for when it’s not your best hair day? Purchase these perfect ponytail caps for $25.00 at



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