Summer Festival Coverage- Yoga anyone?

Summer Festival Coverage- Yoga anyone?

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FE  planned to extend our summer festival coverage to include this past weekend’s Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island and Wanderlust’s Yoga In The City NYC (YITCNYC) events. However, our Governor’s Ball correspondent either A) drowned in the mud, B) was electrocuted by the lightening strikes that mercifully cut Feist’s show short; or C) is recovering from too much of a good time with Axl Rose (She’s cute in a Lana Del Ray way.) None of these options a happy ending. We wish her a speedy recovery and will make her Jasmine tea whenever she reemerges and hopefully post any pictures she is able to recover from her icloud account.


As for Wanderlust’s YITCNYC, it was a perfect day of yoga with a massive turnout of bendy, friendly people. Held on the sun-kissed green grasses off Pier 63, YITCNYC was a showcase of good karma, chill and thankfully, no mud. Wanderlust is all about encouraging a community around mindful living with a “conscious, value-based approach to leading a balanced and fulfilling life…focus(ing) on yoga, eating well, being green, practicing purpose in our partnerships, creating awareness, showcasing art, and encouraging adventure.”


So, what do you wear to these types of things? You need to be able to move, but it’s not an excuse to get all slubby in crusty sweats, be mindful for goodness sake. There was a lot of Lulu, it wasn’t just all see through Lulu. The Acro Yogis sported brightly colored and non-transparent spandex that I think can only be pulled off if you are able to balance upside-down on one hand set atop the raised one hand on another person. Aside from that, there were as many bright colors and mis-matched prints as there was love. Anyone between 16-22 years opted for sports bras or just bras (you can get away with anything at that age) while 23 years and over covered themselves in organic cottons or tees from whatever yoga studio they were aligned with and lots of beads. Those under 10 years opted for pretty sun dresses- aww. The few lucky men there looked attractive in board shorts, except for Chi Chi, who wore only amazing tribal print dhothi pants that I wish I’d worn. With the men, 22 and under, topknots, 23 and over- no topknot.


Fashion aside, YITCNYC offered a well-paced taste of various yoga styles, instructors and music. I was lucky enough to catch Dana Slamp, Dana Flynn, Raghunath, David Romanelli, Acro Yogis and DJ Matthias Heilbronn. Each instructor, very different from the others. Slamp flowed and challenged (try doing flying pigeon on a hill); Flynn danced and raved while ordering the DJ about; Raghunath told stories in between donkey kick handstands, and Romanelli finished the set up with a tranquil flow. The Acro Yogis were most inspirational, and I am now searching for a tall, strong yogi partner, who can balance me upside down in wheel on top of his muscular, sculpted arms. For more, head to Sheep’s meadow on August 11th for an Outdoor Acro Jam.

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Next YITC is in LA on June 30th. Want even more? The full roaming community spirit of Wanderlust in scheduled to run at Stratton Mountain, Vermont on 6/20-23; Copper Mt., Colorado 7/4-7; Squaw Valley, CA 7/18-7/21; Whistler, BC 8/1-8/4 and Tremblant, Quebec 8/23-25).

Upper images provide by –  Kelsey Tucker




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