Street Style- New York fashion week

Street Style- New York fashion week

New York Fashion week began, on Thursday. Time to bring out all your blog stopping best outfits. I heard it called the super bowl of fashion from someone when describing the loss of Joan Rivers on the same day.  “Fashion week was her super bowl”.  We will miss Joan Rivers the original comic-ista.  I love fashion police! Joan would be in your face to celebrities who dared to wear ugly gear.  The comic legend would insult them and make them laugh.  She was bold`



Here street style from New York fashion week by photographer Taylor Williams for FashionEdits.


fashionweek15-street style6  fashionweek15-street style3 fashionweek15-street style2 fashionweek15-street style7 fashionweek15-street style9 fashionweek15-street style5  fashionweek15-street style  fashionweek15-street style4

fashionweek15-street style1 fashionweek15-street style

fashionweek15-street style10 fashionweek15-street style11

fashionweek15-street style15 fashionweek15-street style13 fashionweek15-street style12 fashionweek15-street style14 fashionweek15-street style16 fashionweek15-street style18 fashionweek15-street style17



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