Spring Cleaning- Best Tips for Editing Your Closet

Spring Cleaning- Best Tips for Editing Your Closet

  1. 1. The Numbers Don’t Lie
    1. Stylists suggest that a versatile wardrobe consists of:
  • 40% of classic garments
  • 35% of basics
  • 25% of trendier items


  1. 2. Put On A Show
    1. Invite over a girlfriend and try on any pieces that you are unsure about giving up. An extra set of eyes can help you make a final decision.


  1. 3. If It Doesn’t Fit Let It Go
    1. It’s a bad habit universally committed by women everywhere. We all have items in our closet that only work for our ideal size. More often than not, those pieces will continue to hang in our closet remaining untouched. As Nike says, “Just Do It” – let go of clothes that don’t fit.


  1. 4. Comfort or Bust
    1. You may have had the best of intentions, but any clothes that are itchy, bunch in the wrong places, skirts and pants that require constant adjustment….have to find a new home. It’s pretty simple really – if you don’t feel good in it, you aren’t going to wear it. (This includes shoes too!)


  1. 5. When Did I Wear This Last?
    1. A general rule of thumb – if it’s been a year since you’ve worn it last it just isn’t meant to be. Say your goodbye’s and move on!


  1. 6. Hangers Are Your Friend
    1. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. Folded clothes tend to get overlooked more easily than those displayed on hangers. Investing in matching hangers makes a sophisticated impression each time you go to your closet – you’ll love it.Red and purple casual shirts on hangers


  1. Piles Makes Sense For Once
    1. Designate each pile and be ruthless as you pull items out of your closet. In the end, the disarray will make sense.
  • Pile 1: clothes that remain in your closet
  • Pile 2: items that serve a specific purpose, but aren’t your go to picks
    • Cleaning the house, outdoor activities, etc.
    • Pile 3: pieces that need altering/updating
    • Pile 4: items that have memories attached to them and can’t be parted with even though they don’t get worn (don’t overdo this one!!)
    • Pile 5: clothes to be donated
    • Pile 6: pieces that require an absence test period – box them up and put them in the attic. If in a few months you miss or even remember the items, bring ‘em back!



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