Socks for Dad

Socks for Dad



This Father’s Day piece was scheduled to begin with a list of fashion forward looks for the hip cool style conscious Dad.   It dawned on me that Father’s Day like Mother’s Day is not about the cool hip things you can give –  but instead showing your appreciation for those Dads who excel at fatherhood.   Because, let’s face it not all Dads are good at being a father.   Fatherhood is the one job that you can get without the slightest degree of experience, knowledge or talent (despite what you may hear to the contrary on Father’s Day).

So in honor  of our fathers, husbands, grandfathers and uncles.   Why not cover father’s day with a heartfelt thank you to the wonderful Dad’s we know and love?  And In true FashionEdits style, show some appreciation for the trend of the moment. -The sock.  What better gift to give you favorite guy?



fathersday-jcrew sockss fathersday-paul smith socks fathersday-corgi


The Classic styles have been updated with bright pops of color, experimenting with patterns, scale and effects.  Socks are bright and fun.


fathersday-jcrew socks1 fathersday-jcrew socks2


Former President George H.W. Bush is known for his love of eccentric socks.  And, he has apparently been wearing unique and colorful socks all along.  In a bipartisan gesture, he gave President Obama  a flashy pair.



fathers day-presidents


Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress has joined the fashion accessory game, launching his collection of luxury socks last month.


fathersday- plaxico burress


New York Times says bright colored unique socks are like a secret handshake for those who have arrived.  Well, that may be so.  I remember looking at those who dared to wear bright colored socks under their suits and thinking “They were different”, in an eccentric way.

I personally always give my husband (world’s best Dad) socks.  Until this current trend, it has been grays blue and blacks.   So long and good bye to those boring colors- colorful socks have solidified their place as a “must-have” in the stylish man’s wardrobe.



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