Roll your way out of pain and discomfort with RistRoller

Roll your way out of pain and discomfort with RistRoller

Roll your way out of pain and discomfort with RistRoller, the new mini foam roller.  Taking the conventional foam rollers you may have seen being used at the gym and scaling it down in size, this RistRoller is perfect for pin-pointing targeted areas in your wrists, forearms, and feet.  Hence, good things comes in small packages!  A heaven sent product for us hardcore yoginis at FashionEdits with our daily yoga practice, the RistRoller allows you to free the stagnation by myofascial release that dispels tension in the muscle and trigger points by applying pressure while rolling the RistRoller back and forth.  This allows the user to regulate and control the process of addressing the problem areas in becoming more elastic and fluid as well as working to lengthen the muscle.


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We reached out to our favorite yoga instructor, Katharine Marino of YogaKat Fitness, to use RistRoller and here is her take on the RistRoller.


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FE:  How did you like the RistRoller and why?

KAT:  It was great. My wrist felt more flexible after. As a Yoga teacher having to teach all day I found the wrist roller a great tool at the end of the day.

FE:  What is your favorite thing about the RistRoller?

KAT: It’s compact, I can carry it with me and use it throughout the day.  The rhythmic motion is meditative and therapeutic.

FE:  Any creative ways to incorporate the RistRoller during one’s yoga practice?

KAT:  In my private one to one sessions I can cater to the personal need of the client. For example a client just diagnosed with RA(rheumatoid arthritis) in the wrist has the need for a more therapeutic restorative practice, therefore allowing me to create a wrist sequence with the wrist roller.

FE:Would you recommend this product?
KAT:Yes. To anyone.

Katharine Marino


Katharine Marino is a 500 hour certified Kripalu Yoga teacher with over 25 years of Yoga practice and over 15 years experience teaching all levels of Vinyasa style classes. Her unique style incorporates traditional fitness training, Qigong, shamanic healing, Reiki, and other Yoga styles. Katharine is also an ACE certified personal trainer knowledgeable in the science of exercise to keep her clients fit.

Katherine’s approach is rooted in her dedication to a yogic lifestyle, which has taken her to India and China and South America, grounding and strengthening her belief and practice. She brings this dedication, knowledge, and inspiration to her students and clients, keeping them engaged in their spiritual and physical growth and evolution.

Katharine is also a Katonah Yoga teacher who has studied and practiced under the tutelage of Nevine Michaan for over 15 years.



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