Oksana Karavanska

Oksana Karavanska

Oksana Karavanska’s influence on fashion has had an empowering effect on the women who wear it. 


Oksana Karavanska -fur _fox

OK’, by Oksana Karavanska,  is a cocktail of eclectic modern fabrics and sculptured cutting. It is this incongruous combination of high-tech materials using hand-made techniques that makes her clothes authentic.


Oksana Black Dress

Oksana Karavanska is one of the most creative and sought-after of Ukrainian designers. The brand Oksana Karavanska carries the highest of standards in modern Ukrainian design. Imagination takes flight in the mysticism of ancient history and the impressive beauty of the Ukraine. Her clothes give the feeling of luxury and comfort. Oksana Karavanska’s name is associated with impeccable style.  Her appreciation of her homeland and its culture is apparent, yet her collections are far from direct ethnographic borrowing. OK’ by Oksana Karavanska is a modern mix of innovative materials and sculptured techniques. Knitting, embroidering, beadwork, and handmade fabrics turn into natural elements of  present-day ensembles imparting a uniqueness and custom-made look in an age of mass production.

Oksana Black Suit 

Oksana Karavanska’s OK’ is inspired by the confident woman who is not afraid to create her own style. The collection is feminine and sophisticated. Confident in her style choices, her muse is strong and fearless. She knows what she likes and what looks good on her. Rather than wait for a trend, she creates her own by mixing patterns and fabrics.  Having dressed first ladies and many Russian celebrities, she has quickly become known for her high standards of modern design.

Designer Oksana Karavanska graduated from the Lviv Academy of Applied and Decorative Arts. Her work has been recognized among her peers in the Grand Prix at Crystal Silhouette Competition as well as The Best Designer of the Year, etc. She is a member of the Expert Committee of the Fashion Council of Ukraine. Shortly thereafter, Oksana Karavanska’s collections were presented at the MIFUR (Milan) and the Washington, DC Fashion Week.

Nowadays Oksana Karavanska is considered to be one of the best and most cutting edge Ukranian designer.. Her collections and fashion shows are guaranteed to be  filled with Ukrainian spirit and irreproachable style.


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