National Sunglasses Day

What do Roy Orbison, Janis Joplin, Miles Davis and Lady Gaga have in common? Despite the obvious musical fame, they are also well known for their iconic eyewear.

Famous musicians have inspired our choices of fashion must-haves for decades, and our shades are no exception.

They can make or break a look, but there is no doubt that certain sunglasses are now synonymous with the people who first made them famous. Take inspiration from flat-out cool musicians; everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.

Spanning five decades, Lenstore have taken 40 famous musicians and illustrated their most iconic glasses putting them on display in the shape of minimalistic posters. The result is a piece which spans over generations and across genres, to bring a comprehensive look book of musicians and their eye-catching shades.



10 things you did not know about sunglasses


1. Elton John is well known for his love of wacky sunglasses. With a personal collection of 250 000 pairs, it is assumed that the popular British singer has the largest collection in the world.


2. The first sunglasses date back to 12th century China, where flat crystals of smoky quartz were mounted for personal use to reduce the glare from the sun. It is also said that these ‘sunglasses’ were used by judges while presiding cases, so as not to give away their emotions.


3. The Roman Emperor Nero is reported to have watched Gladiator fights in the Colosseum through polished emeralds.


4. Elvis Presley’s famous Madison square Garden sunglasses, were the most expensive pair of sunglasses to be sold on eBay. They went for $250, 000


5. The first pair of sunglasses were sold in 1929 by Sam Foster at the Woolworth in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  He named them Foster Grants.


6. In 2004, Oakley created a pair of sunglasses with built-in audio player. It was called Thump.


7. Price isn’t an indication of the quality of UV protection. In fact, studies have shown that some costly sunglasses can be less effective at blocking UV rays than less expensive frames. Since there is no uniform labeling of sunglasses, consult your optometrist for advice on choosing the best pair of sunglasses to protect your eyesight.


8. June 27 is the National Sunglasses Day


9. Sunglasses can help reduce the amount of wrinkles around the eyes. The skin of the eyelids and around the eyes is very thin and susceptible to sun damage. And wearing sunglasses reduces squinting, which can also lead to wrinkles.


10. Every 14 seconds, someone in America either loses or breaks their sunglasses.




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