Menswear trend

Menswear trend

Borrowing from the Boys


Anyone who follows Pitti Uomo knows it is the place to admire men’s fashion elite, sporting their most dapper duds. While men may dominate the street style scene during this event, women held their own at the 2015 shows by borrowing from the boys. From layering to accessorizing, women proved that “anything you can do, we can do better”! Here are my top 5 menswear looks for ladies.


1. Oxford Flats – Try pairing distressed boyfriend jeans with a sharp pair of oxford shoes. To tie everything together, wear a simple sweater and bold accessories, like brightly colored socks or a fur collared coat.


Borrowing from the Boys tommy-ton-fall-2015


2. Denim Button-Down – A denim or chambray shirt should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. When worn with khaki trousers and fresh white sneakers, as seen here, you couldn’t pick a better weekend outfit. Definitely take note of the over-sized top coat and silk scarf turban – picking and choosing the right menswear pieces to put together, while blending with more feminine accents, will balance out the look.


Borrowing from the Boys21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style


3. Suit & Tie – From Annie Lenox to Annie Hall, women have been wearing pant suits for decades, but for a modern spin on things, look for a slim cut in an interesting fabric. A subtle brocade can look absolutely fantastic with a crisp white French-cuff shirt, a playful tie, and stiletto heels. Also, never forget the power of a strong red lip.


Borrowing from the Boystommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style



4. Belted Blazer – Putting a belt on an over-sized tweed blazer not only defines your waist, but breaks up the awkward proportions of a man’s jacket. In this photo, the blazer is worn over a dress shirt with the collar turned up, a scarf worn as an ascot, and leather pants. Combing preppy classics and edgier pieces creates a look that is chic and effortless.



Borrowing from the Boys-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style



5. Tweeds and Plaids – The dandy style that has become popular in menswear offers an easy transition to women’s attire. Don’t be afraid to mix tweeds and plaids of different colors. Pick two or three more neutral tones in grey, navy, tan, or as seen in this image, a dark green, then include a pop of color, like the red tartan scarf. For a finishing touch, accent with jewelry such as a brooch or hat pin.


Borrowing from the Boys-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style1

By: Aliana Heffernan

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