Masquerade Beauty Trends

Masquerade Beauty Trends

Masquerade Beauty Trends

A lot of new beauty trends took center stage at fashion shows across Paris, London, and New York in 2017. From blurred lips to glitter strobing, from microblading eyebrows to orange hair color, beauty trends this year set the bar higher than all seasons in this decade. Let us have a look at some of the hottest beauty trends which are going to leave a mark for upcoming seasons.


Perfectly Imperfect Lips

Also known as blurred lips entered the fashion scene with a bang this year as variations of it were witnessed on all big runways. Glitter lips had their fair share of attention in 2016, but this year you can give picture-perfect liquid matte lips a break and embrace imperfection. Blurred lips are achieved by diffusing the edges around the corners of your mouth and adding more color in the center.



If you are one of those women whose lipstick wears off quickly, then you will be thankful for this trend. It achieves the same look like someone who has had lipstick on for a while and it’s beginning to come off from the corners.


Sixties Lashes

Super bold sixties lashes were back in trend this year, giving you the ultimate doe-eyed look. For 2017 fall, the eyes are making a powerful statement with supernaturally long black lashes awash with 60’s inspiration. You can recreate the look by applying a full set of eyelashes on the top and adding on individual lashes on the bottom lash line.


Stylish Masquerade Masks

Masquerade masks are a beautiful accessory for any woman who loves going to parties. They are available in many extravagant styles for any occasion-Mardi Gras, Halloween or birthdays. Make sure to try one on to see if it suits your face shape before buying it.


Rose Gold Hair

The rose gold metallic hair trend does not need a special occasion for you to try it, as it is quite wearable. Even though it may look a little extreme at first but it tends to suit most skin colors, and you can always go a little darker or lighter to make it blend in beautifully with your natural hair color. This hair color will only last for 5-7 washes so you will need to go for touch-ups if you want it to last longer.


Pixel Makeup

If you are not a big fan of costumes for Halloween, then consider dressing up your face this year with pixel makeup. It is a simple concept which requires you to have a steady hand. You have to make your make up seem like it’s mimicking the 8-bit graphics of early internet. This makeup trend is quite contrary to defining your features because it is going to blur your eyebrows, nose, and mouth with expertly done makeup.



Under Liner

It is a trend which can be carried off by anyone, all you need to do is apply a bright eyeliner under your lower lash line.


Glossy Face

It’s not only your eye makeup that needs to be glossy this year, but rest of your face also needs to benefit from a boost in shine. Apply a highlighter on your cheekbones and on cupids bow to make a statement.


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