Lumavera Skin Care

Lumavera Skin Care


After spending the summer subjecting my skin to super-high SPF toxins,  it was time to go au natural. So, natch Lumavera’s all natural line of skincare that FashionEdits discovered at the International Beauty Show came to mind. We were intrigued by Lumavera’s impressive list of ingredients like super C’s, algae, cactus…it goes on.

Lumavera sent us the full line to test out. To start, Lumavera’s packaging is high quality pumps that limit oxygenation, prolong product life and reduce contamination. Their packaging is also a very attractive Spanish lace design that looks good on your cosmetic shelf.

Nearly everything contains their patented Veggie and Plant Blends. Veggie blend is an aging appearance cocktail of broccoli (sprout cell extract), tomato, carrot, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts and onion in high concentrations to fight free radical damage with vitamins A and C. Meanwhile, the Plant blend mixes grape seed, licorice root, comfrey, green tea, grapefruit, calendula, lemon and orange extract, which simultaneously sooth and brighten.

Good skin begins with clean skin. Lumavera’s Facial Cleansing Gel,a  lightweight, extra gentle cleanser promises to clean and hydrate simultaneously. I usually wash my face only once a day, at night to prevent drying, but this smelled so good I was tempted to use it more than once a day. We have sensitive skin and were pleased the cleanser did not disrupt or irritate it. Lumarvera lists the product ’s active ingredient as PhytoCellTec Argan (plant stem cells) that they claim activate dermal stem cells, catalysising collagen and elastin production, rev up natural repair process and fight lack, wrinkled skin. To combat drying, olive oil and sunflower seed oil are thrown in.



Next comes Botanical Activating Toner. Actually, I love their toner. It smells great and you can swap spritzing it on in place of washing your face in the morning. It feels energizing (as much as possible at 6AM in the morning) and is a pleasant wake up, like fresh squeezed orange juice, without setting fire to your throat.




Anti-Aging Eye Cream is loaded with argan, peptides and more plant cell technology that diminishes wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Our eyes did look more vibrant to the point where gossipy people asked if we got botox. No! While it moisturizes, it isn’t so greasy that you have to worry about breaking out.


Lumavera eye_cream4



FE’s EOC is a serum junkie and named her favorite line pick as Lumavera’s Anti-Aging Serum.Their serum purports to improve skin tone and texture, diminish fine lines and impart a flawless appearance. How? It’s loaded with Vitamin C (Anogeissus Leiocarpus Extract aka African Birch Tree and a super C) that stimulates collagen synthesis. Lumavera’s signature phytocelltec argan appears again for extra zing. Again, not overly oily but wear it with a moisturizer in dry months.




Finally their Glycolic Night Cream is a lightweight cream that alleges to refine pores through a “powerful cocktail of botanicals and skin firming ingredients.” It’s amazing that the texture is lightweight considering it has more healthy stuff than most green kale shakes do. They use algae, cactus, prickly pear, collagen, grapefruit and tangerine extract (more C!) as brighteners for evening out skin tone and healing Vitamin E and exfoliating A. An attack and soothe approach to skincare.



Lumavera Glycolic Night_cream4






Another favorite from the line is the Filler Dual Peptide Lip Volumizer, containing coconut oil. Aside from being delicious, it moisturizes and gives a hint of volume without the pain of cinnamon and pepper, which a lot of other  lip volume products contain. Peptides doing their thing.


Lumavera Lip Balm_cream



Overall, Lumavera is an effective line of natural skincare- great for those with an aversion to harmful chemicals. Our wishes for Lumavera: a body cream, hair serum, sun protective day cream, and a super-retinol (cod liver oil without the rotten fish smell?)


By Liz Maher

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