London Fashion Week - Fall 13 Trends

London Fashion Week – Fall 13 Trends

Oversized, circular shoulders
Sternum baring necklines
No collar or odd collar
Colours- Dark and moody reds, b/w (usually in plaids or piping) or just black, kale in varying stages of decay (rotting garden-how British,) blues from cobalt to Mykonos blue  and an unhealthy dollop of mustard.
Smiley faces and Hearts- Christopher Bailey sends his love.







Punk-In keeping with CIMMA's forthcoming exhibit and the formative musical influence of most designers presenting



Things hanging off clothes- ratty fringe, yarn balls, appliqués,bicycle inner tubes, ropes, plastic of various shapes and bathroom rugs. (Look what you did Bey!)

Mad Hatter prints ala phosphene, Escher illusions, slouchy animals, winter tribal, twisted florals and 1960'.
Pessimism at Vivian Westwood and Ashish-how punk!
Of course, eternally cool and eccentric British footwear and hats.




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