Who says crystals aren’t a girl’s best friend?  Whether it’s purses, jewelry, t-shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, sunglasses or a good old fashion tiara, crystals are the crown jewel. When we think crystal in fashion, we often think ice, strange, beautiful, enchanted, elegant and sometimes even dangerous.

Preciosa Crystal Components from The Blonds NYFW show on 2/14/2017 showcased a collection inspired by the upcoming NBC Universal film “The Mummystarring Tom Cruise.



The Blonds used more than 30,000 stones in the FW2017 “Mummy” collection- worth over $15,000.  Roughly 40lbs of stones were used. The Blonds incorporated cushion-cut crystals into this season’s collection, which are similar to a diamond cut, reminiscent of the art deco aesthetic. This was the fifth season in a row, Preciosa Crystal Components has returned to NYFW with The Blonds.


Designs by The Blonds incorporating Preciosa crystals have been worn by performing artists Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Taraji P. Henson and Britney Spears. The Blonds have used Preciosa Crystal Components to bring some of their most extravagant creations to life.


Other top designers including Ellie Saab, Givenchy and Dries Van Noten have iced up their collections with these oversized gemstones. Seeing them on celebrities including Katy Perry, Adele and Victoria Beckham has further increased their visibility.



Even little ones and adults alike can run around in sparkled Crocs. Scottish designer Christopher Kane’s collaboration with Crocs included blue, tan and black styles adorned with several colored crystals secured in the trademark holes at the front of the shoe. Christopher Kane sent his models down the runway wearing the Crocs at London’s Fashion Week in 2016.


We are finding crystals not only in clothing and accessories, but also in a number of beauty products. With claims they help to stimulate the skin, crystals in soaps and “bath bombs” are enticing the consumer.


Crystals have taken on the form of energy. Holistically, crystals are believed to provide comfort in their healing powers. Depending on which crystals you use, unseen energy levels are said to be increased, decreased or altered to positively influence one’s life.


Katy Perry claims she sleeps holding a rose quartz because it’s supposed to help you find love and heal your heart, while Victoria Beckham uses tourmaline for its protective qualities. Other notable stars who swear by the healing power of crystals include Lena Dunham and Simon Cowell. Thus, it’s fair to say there’s a new sparkle in town. Crystals have taken on the fashion and entertainment industries and now their trickling down to us.


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