Holiday Store Windows: NYC Style

Holiday Store Windows: NYC Style

Holiday Store Windows

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in NYC, where New Yorker’s are avoiding the Rockefeller Center tree and tourists just want to be New Yorkers, there is very little or none they have in common.  However, the sight of art deco, secret gardens, and naughty elves bring these groups together, as store windows take center stage.


Saks Fifth Avenue windows display Snowflake Spectacular, a 3-D light show that plays out across the department store’s exterior each evening.  The entire show is an homage to the legacy of Saks Fifth Avenue as the department store was born in the roaring ’20s. The windows themselves are be transformed into scenes from classic fairy tales immaculately rendered in an Art Deco style, with iconic New York locations providing the backdrop.


2014 Holiday Shopping Windows - New York, New York holiday windows saks1 Holiday windows saks3


From director Baz Luhrmann and his wife, costume designer Catherine Martin, Barney’s created a window display that leads the viewer to a snow forest filled with woodland creatures, ice dancers, and naughty elves.  The displays feature live performances and mechanical masterworks, in the form of hypnotizing spiral snowflakes and larger-than-life gilded owl flapping its wings.



Holiday Store windows Barneys2 Holiday store windows Barneys


David Hoey, the man behind the legendary Bergdorf Goodman windows, stated the theme for Holiday 2014 is: Inspired. Finding this particular word itself to be inspiring. It was all they needed to launch a set of windows celebrating the arts—after all, isn’t art the product of inspiration?


Macy’s windows were the most kid relatable with it’s “Santa’s Journey to the Stars” theme. A boy receives a magical telescope that lets him see Christmas being celebrated across the solar system. He spots Martians stringing up holiday lights, and “ice giants” Uranus and Neptune rolling snowballs.


Holiday window Macys 2


Henri Bendel took us to a secret enchanted garden right on Fifth Avenue. With each window, customers discover, whimsical treasures and romantic displays of beautiful product throughout the store.


Holiday  store windows -henri-bendel holiday windows henri-bendel1


Bloomingdale’s windows on Lexington Ave feature, embraces fashion + social media with: #GiftABow. Customers using their mobile device, can go on the Bloomies website and play games right in the holiday windows.  We give big kudos to Bloomies for this one for keeping up with the times!


holiday window bloomies holiday window bloomies1 Holiday windows bloomies



The holiday season is a short one and as it is crucial time for the retail industry to bring their A-game each year with fresh windows to generate sales. However, in the process of trying to win the sales war, retailers are also bringing a new tradition to NYC for both New Yorkers and tourists to enjoy.

Happy Holidays!



By. Kosi Harris

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