Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

Who says holiday gifts have to be so predictable? Ditch the same old ideas and switch it up with these out-of-the-box fashion and accessories products, perfect for this holiday season and beyond!


These chic and trendy bags will make great holiday gifts! Boutique Mexico provides vibrant and multicolored totes and pouches that will add a pop of glam to her wardrobe. Boutique Mexico creates close relationships with its artisans to work together to help end poverty in Mexico. These handcrafted products, ranging from jewelry to beautiful bags are the perfect way to travel in style while making a true difference in an artist’s life.






This holiday, stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re rockin’ around the company Christmas tree, twinning with the whole fam for festive photos, or showing your allegiance to The Force in style, the very merry suits from OppoSuits have you covered! The brand that sent the ugly Christmas sweater into early retirement is back with colorful, festive and fun styles for everyone on your list.




As one of the world’s most polluting industries, the garment industry throws away about half of what it produces. The sustainable styles of tonlé prove it’s possible to cut this pollution in half! Using remnants discarded by large manufacturers, tonlé creates beautiful, comfortable clothes, without wasting a single scrap in the process! In just one year, this bold brand has saved 10,000kg of textiles, 70,000kg of CO2, 200kg of pesticides, and 42,296,600 gallons of water – and they’re just getting started. From the way, it’s made to the way it’s worn, every thread matters at tonlé. Show off your sustainable style with this one-of-a-kind brand!


Cats being abducted by aliens? Gluttonous seagulls in San Francisco? Yep, these fabulous silk scarves from Centinelle will provide much more than just a pop of color, they have a sense of humor! Playfully whimsical and sophisticated, Centinelle creates scarves illustrated by hand and painted digitally. Capturing the imagination, each of the prints tells a humorous story that will make you smile! High quality, unique accessories, Centinelle scarves will adorn you – or a loved one – in magical pieces that delight.


Developing their pieces from scratch with a focus on functionality and the ultimate radness, Mokuyobi gives a shout out to anyone who loves to stand out and wear their style as a badge of individuality! From kids to grown-ups, Mokuyobi is an out of this world company that creates products for the Super Beings of Earth and beyond. From patches to shirts, pouches, totes, backpacks and more each item is hand designed in LA!


Going home for the holidays? Ditch the old t-shirt, leggings or boxers for comfy, cozy and cute PJ’s the whole family can curl up in – Bedhead Pajamas! If getting a brand new set of perfect pajamas is a coveted family tradition, the wide variety of loungewear from Bedhead will add an extra special touch to your holiday celebration. With pajamas, robes, and shorts for men, women, children, and even your pup, personalize a festive look this holiday season!


This holiday season, give a gorgeous gift that everyone woman will absolutely adore from Grateful Bags. Treat yourself or the stylish women in your life to this one-of-a kind must have accessory available in a variety of on-trend styles including the coveted velvet. Complete with an interchangeable monogrammed plate in a variety of fonts and colors, these luxurious bags make every proud owner grateful! Crafted with love of individuality yet classic style, Grateful Bags are the noteworthy handbags that transcend time, age and charm. Whether you carry this cute, versatile accessory to a special event, holiday party, as an addition to your everyday wardrobe, or even give it as a gift, bring out the inner you through fashion with Grateful Bags!


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