Hawke & Co’s Fall and Spring 15` Preview

Hawke & Co’s Fall and Spring 15` Preview

Tomorrow, We Soar-Hawke & Co’s Fall and Spring 15 Preview

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Just before we stuffed ourselves with turkey we stopped by Hawke & Co’s press day!  The FashionEdits.com team enjoyed fun photo ops, enjoyed grooming services by Pirooz Sarshar of PRZMan. All of this including special guest hosts and stars of Bravo’s THE SINGLE’S PROJECT, Joey Healy and Tabisum Mir.  Hawke & Co is a lifestyle brand designed for the Modern Explorer.


The collection is more than the sum of its parts.  Each garment is carefully crafted and designed to be multi-purpose functional clothing that complements the versatility and exploration that people need in everyday life.


At the event Fall 2014 included three sections that make up Hawke & Co: Outfitter, Pro and Black.  The sections included quilted vests, camouflage coats, and lining in orange and blue. Spring 2015 included a preview of PRO. Which included nylon jackets and swim trunks in fun blues, greys, and oranges.  Lightweight, packable and insulated was a consistent feature both Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 collections. Price points for Hawke & Co are $125-$299 available at Macys.com.



Born from its roots in 1958 as a uniform-industrial-outdoors company, Hawke & Co Outfitter is where the casual ruggedness of the great outdoors meets city sophistication. Outfitter features durable fabrics and finishes with high tech details and unbeatable functionality.


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Whatever he does, he does it without fear. Hawke & Co Pro provides technically sophisticated outerwear designed with smart functionality while still providing a sleek aesthetic. Pro is perfect for the guy who wants to be active in style.


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Black Label represents the ultimate in choice for the man who strives for the best and conveys a strong sense of sophistication. The higher end label of the Hawke & Co brands, black is sexy and cool with a tailored fit and extensive attention to the finer details.


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Also at the event was PRZMan, grooming products founded by stylist Pirooz Sarshar. PRZMAN products are powered by 100% natural botanicals and are made in their eco-friendly lab.  The products are designed to work together to target problems caused by the overuse of synthetics, coloring and toxic ingredients found in most grooming products on the market today. The collection includes shaving creams, face washes, lotions, and hair sets starting from $15-$55.  PRZMan is available in Ricky’s and https://manhoodtv.com/.


Hawke & Co’s showroom was a journey that had to come to an end. We learned a lot that functional design can impact different types of men: industrial outdoorsman working on a high-rise, the sportsman training in 30 degree weather, and the sophisticated man who doesn’t want to compromise his style and wear a bulky coat when working on an outfit post. Hawke and Co’s design brings these men together with their passion for multi-purpose design, creativity and attention to detail.




By. Kosi Harris



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