Fall16 Fashion Trends from Zara

Fall16 Fashion Trends from Zara

There’s no better sign that a trend is actually a trend compared to the endorsement of everyone’s favorite fast- fashion retailer, Zara. But how can you understand it’s here to stay? While there’s no exact science (trust us, we’ve attempted), you will find multiple variables you are able to consider, aside from absolute intuition. On one hand, you are able to look to celebrities and street style to see how much traction the craze is gaining—or if it’s short-lived falling flat and. On the other hand, you can even take a look at retailers.

Ask yourself: How many iterations of said style are they making and selling? That’s precisely what we did today with Zara, by looking at the largest crazes on the list of business’s fall product offerings. From novelty denim to ballet, we’ve narrowed down the five largest trends Zara is backing for the season.

The Hooded Sweat Shirt is on point with the menswear remix trend this fall.


Fall16 Fashion Trends from Zara


Paired with the Frilly Tulle Skirt shirt


Fall16 Trends Zara featured


Patch work on denim is in again. Get out your old denim jacket and buy your iron-ons patches at the closest arts and craft shop.  Hello 90’s


Fall16 Trends Zara Denim with Patch Work


Shiny and extra long sleeve trends are covered with this Boatneck Top.


Fall Trends Zara Sequin long sleeve


Velvet is reinvented and new again. Definitely try the leggings this time around.


Fall Trends Velvet Leggings
















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