Era Skin Care

Era Skin Care

ERA Ageless asked FashionEdits to review their products. Elaine Zlotkowskiera, ERA’s PR maven explains that ERA’s approach to skin treatment that incorporates all natural ingredients plus certified organic ones with thermo mineral water as what sets them apart from other all natural skincare lines. Thermo mineral water, used primarily to treat skin inflammation disorders such as eczema and rosacea and containing healing elements of sulphuric acid, iodine and CO2, supposedly contributes to cell renewal, relief of joint pain, and accelerated metabolic rate.

Another thing setting ERA AGELESS apart from other products on the market is that their products contain natural botanical oils to slow down and fight off the appearance of aging- no harsh chemicals. ERA treatments are uniquely formulated to each area of the face, thereby maximizing results. Eye skin is thinner than that of the chin and neck but there are more pores and sweat glands at the nose, chin and forehead areas than in the neck. ERA’s products are cruelty-free, have a five year research and development period and have no  parabens, artificial colors, mineral oils, animal derivatives or harsh detergents.

We tried their starter kit over a course of 5-10 days. The masks and Firm &  Lift Eye Cream and Serum lasted a surprisingly long time for their .17 ounce size. Firm & Lift Eye Cream and Serum are clearly the stars of our demo. The serum contains little flecks of suspended bits of what I think is witch hazel, known for its which anti-inflammatory and tightening benefits. Both eye products slid on luxuriously and lasted all day without causing shiny skin, concealer to cake up or irritation or itch. ERA’s Eye Cream contains oats, which soothes eyes and is lighter than the serum. No stinging. A little goes a very long way so use a light hand, and you’ll be surprised at how long it lasts. After ten days of use, the skin beneath our eyes looked slightly less parched. You can use just one or both products together depending on humidity levels that day. 

ERA’s Concentrated Age Defense Facial Serum is designed after cosmetic surgery products to encourage rapid collagen production and strengthen skin. Strong skin is plump lifted skin.. Their Intensive Age Defying Moisture Cream works at supporting skin’s fibers and tissue structures along with a proprietary flora and thermal water formula. Like the eye creams, the facial series are very light, absorbing quickly without a clay paste like many other mega-moisturizing products on the market. No breakout or reactions were suffered during the test.

Era facial serum

The Facial Peeling Gel serves as the lines exfoliating product. The peeling is interesting to use but once you get acquainted with how the peeling, it’s not too strange. This mask claims to tighten pores, remove excess oil and brighten skin. In its favor, it is very gentle and will not cause scraping and possible infections or minor scarring (through crude scraping of the outer dermal layer.)  We found it did eliminate excess shine without drying.  

Finally their Complete Renew and Recharge Elastin & Beta Carotene Mask offers an alternative non-irritating method of harnessing vitamin A’s rejuvenating properties. This product also delivers natural stem cells to the skin to further promote skin renewal. For us it left our skin very soft; so it definitely delivered moisture. We’re hoping for cell renewal as well.  

Era-Elastin & Beta Carotene Mask

ERA is a good choice for people with sensitive skin and those who insist on natural and organic products but still want effective results. Also consider the line if you are having cosmetic treatments, such as lasers or surgery. The entire line is designed at reducing inflammation and creating a safe, sterile environment for skin to restore while introducing natural agents to accelerate that process. And pour turmeric on all your food.


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