Epson Digital Couture Project

Epson Digital Couture Project


The collision of the technology and fashion worlds converge at the Epson Digital Couture Project. Epson was joined by creatives, designers and thinkers alike.  

Since 2015, Epson has been giving up-and-coming designers an opportunity to showcase clothes made with digital printers at New York Fashion Week. With the Digital Couture Project, the company is trying to push its line of textile printers as an alternative to handmade and heat-based prints.



Epson- garment technologies,

The evening was built around the theme “Textile Stories.”  Thirteen design teams from North and Latin America embraced Epson’s world-class textile printing solutions in a unique fashion presentation.


Designers included: Alexandra Polo and Miguel Moyano from Ecuador, Carlos de Moya from the Dominican Republic, Daniel Barreria from Brazil, Daniela Hoehmann from Chile, Leonardo Mena from Mexico, Lindsay Degan from the United States, Philadelphia University from the United States, Ricardo Pava from Columbia, Sarah Richards from the United States, Sarah Stevenson from Canada, Sonia Chang and Daniel del Barco from Costa Rica, Susan Wagner from Peru and Vanesa Krongold Argentina.


Epson Carlos Dee Moya

Carlos Dee Moya

Digital dye-sublimation and direct-to-garment technologies, a relatively new trend in the textile industry allow the designer to alter textile designs. They have the ability to make color selections with the click of a mouse and hone in on the fine details of the creations. Epson’s SureColor F-Series printers give fashion and textile designers alike an accessible means to bring their ideas and inspiration to life.


Epson proudly boasts of its direct-to-print technology expediting production time. A piece that would have taken weeks to create by hand or with a heat press can now be completed in a matter of days.

Hundreds of guests including fashion industry and technology leaders, reporters and fashion-forward celebrities attended this New York Fashion Week event. Celebrities included Rosario Dawson, Chelsea Leyland, Chloe Norgaard, Kelly Rutherford, Cory Kennedy, Dove Cameron and Awa Santessen-Sey.


Kelly Rutherford and Dove Cameron


The ground floor of the IAC building in Chelsea was packed with people. Models were perched on platforms throughout the venue as the crowd mingled, took photos and admired the stunning designs surrounding them.



The evening examined how haute couture, long associated with impeccably handmade garments is increasingly integrating breakthroughs in technologies and materials.  Technology is not replacing the hand; rather, the two are collaborating as never before, simulating innovation and expression.


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