CONCEPT KOREA-Runway--New York Fashion Week 2017

CONCEPT KOREA-Runway–New York Fashion Week 2017

Gallery 3, Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 10, 2017 in New York City


Concept Korea is a global project that publicizes Korea’s fashion culture throughout the world and supports domestic designer brands.  The show is comprised of three different fashion lines- GREEDILOUS, KIMMY.J and YOHANIX. Each Korean designer is allowed to showcase 22 of their designs. This season, Korea Creative Agency (KOCCA) and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism spotlighted these designers.


Greedilous is a combination of the word Greed and Lous, which means ‘to have it all’. Youn-hee Park’s collection from her label Greedilous combined the little black dress with a twist and evolved into her trademark bubbly graphics.

Chanel-like black dresses and chunky pearl necklaces preceded argyle tights and vibrant red printed skirts, dresses, tops and bottoms. From a distance the graphics bear a  resemblance to graffiti giving the pieces a jazzy artistic flair.




Designer Hee-jin Kim of Kimmy.J clearly has a love of visualization in her latest collection. It is the manifestation of cool urban wear with individuality.

Black accented with neon green and purple create the new age vibe throughout the Kimmy.J collection. Chains attached to pants, wrapped around boots and draped across the back of a men’s velvety royal blue overcoat add to the Goth undertone of the collection. Best of all were Kim’s comfy soft oversized coats, hooded sweatshirts and scarves.

The Kimmy. J collection provides a new point of view for a generation unafraid to experiment. Her pieces are not gender specific. Instead, they are equally suitable for both men and women. Isn’t that where are future is headed?




Behind the helm of Yohanix is Korea-born designer Yohan Kim. Yohanix expresses the harmony of heavy and serious with a splash of fun.

A thread of masculinity runs through Kim’s collection with the use of the button-down vest and tweed overcoat. At the same time a tassled mauve and mustard striped flapper skirt peeks out from under the stoic black jacket.



Yohan Kim’s couture-style beading and copper metallic add powerful detail to classic style. Structured cuttings, particularly in his skirts, keep the collection edgy.  Many pieces in the Yohanix line are familiar yet so different. His classic color choices of deep browns, grays and plums emanate sophistication. Floral prints and embroidery are woven in and out of Kim’s collection adding a nod of femininity. It is this balance of femininity and strength that make Yohan Kim no ordinary designer.


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