Celebrities Your Customers Want To Dress Like... And those they don't

Celebrities Your Customers Want To Dress Like… And those they don’t

When placing orders or merchandising, it helps to cater to a look or lifestyle. You have to assess who your customer is and what she aspires to and suits her needs.

To help in doing so and since people are so heavily influenced by the media and celebrity, to the point where they hire their own paparazzi, we’ve compiled a list of whose look and style will sell and whose won’t.

Celebrities that sell:

Jessica Alba– For younger women and MILFs. Alba’s easy chic look is hard to beat. Bonus-Alba likes to match with her daughter’s outfits so it’s a potential 2-4-1.



Kate Moss-Moss’ iconic look spans the range from tweens to middle aged women trying to avoid dowdy on the school run.


Jane Fonda-Older women looking for a model of put together and appropriate but not matronly. Helen Mirren is a runner up on this one.

Jane fondahelen-mirren-oscars-2007-13

Solange-For creative types, so much more stately and hip than sis, Beyonce. No insane body required either.


Kate Bosworth-She looks pretty an fresh from red carpet to Coachella to Whole Foods.

lfw burberry arrivals 2 210211Burberry Body Launch Party in Beverly Hills


Rihanna-Rhi Rhi’s style bows to no one.


The Kardashians– Yes, really- though Kim is presently excluded. Not for me but look at all the long, shiny brown haired women in body-com color blocking…


Blake Lively– Responsibly for the emergence of shorts and boots as teen uniform and who wouldn’t follow the women who get style advise and free shoes directly from Christian Louboutin?

Blake Livelyblake lively2

Michelle Obama-Some love her, some hate her but everyone agrees on the shift dress and cardi.

Michelle_obama_shift_dress_purplemichelle obama1




Kate Middleton-Even the bourgeois can be princesses.

WILL E KATE: KATE MIDDLETON ARRIVATA A WESTMINSTERKate-Middleton-Alexander-McQueen-1kate_green_dress

Gwyneth Paltrow-Same reasons as 1,2,&5 plus an added sporty element.



Jennifer Lopez– Current tour wardrobe excludes, Lopez’s look is perfectly style but approachable to consumers. It’s deceptively laid back yet highly styled.



Victoria Beckham– Hell no it doesn’t look comfortable but it does fit perfectly and constantly non-smiling look appeals to the awkward in every girl.


Alexa Chung/Allison Mosshart– Current go-to female cool-girl rockers. Chung is more girlie with a hint of vintage, Mosshart more tomboy, skater.




Lady GaGa-Not in its entirety but just one piece of fabulousness.

Lady Gagalady-gaga-meat-shoeslady-gaga-sexy

Celebrities That Don’t Sell…

Taylor Swift– She can’t sell magazines or clothes.

Lindsey Lohan– What not to wear to court.

Kelly Osbourne-even heavy styling doesn’t help. Bad vintage.

Lena Dunham-Onscreen and off- Dunham’s clothing choices are designed to humiliate her. Surprisingly a lot of women go for this naturally.

Nicki Minaj– People even avoid her shape wear.

taylor swiftlindsey lohanKelly Osborne1lena dunham2Nicki Minaj
















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