100 Percent Bloomies

100 Percent Bloomies

Bloomingdales of Short Hills, N.J. invited FashionEdits to a special preview of their 100 Percent Bloomies collection, featuring over 1,000 designs from over 100 designers exclusive to the one “store like no other in the world.”


Bloomingdale’s concept of exclusives from top designers is an evolution of the house brand concept. Exclsives retains the cache and branding intrinsic to the designers while reducing the product lines to limited runs only available at Bloomies, which builds value into the merchandise. Shoppers can buy clothing unlikely to be available elsewhere and that is more unique. Bloomies in turn doesn’t have to discount as much since they’ve removed the competition aspect from their merchandise. 100 percent launched in fall of 2014 and was so successful Bloomies expanded the lines for spring. All merchandise categories are covered including not just womens and mens but kids, home, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. Top notch designers including Michael Kors, Rag & Bone, Longchamp, McQ: Alexander McQueen, Gucci and  came on board with exclusives to the store. Buyers will also find original pieces from upcoming designers like Public School, Karen Millan and McGuire leather goods giving them a chance to discover new favorites.



Our lovely hosts, Marlie Massena Pattillo and Megan Rappleyea explained that for spring their 100 percent Bloomies celebrates all the colors in a 64 count box of Crayola crayons. The greens, blues, reds and yellows pop with energy like bright purple crocuses bursting through the snow-covered earth, reminding us spring is on its way. Marley and Megan also treated us to a special tasting menu from Bloomingdale’s 40 Carats restaurant managed by Ruben Rodriguez. Chef Richard Uroc emphasizes fresh, healthy, low-calorie-high-flavor entrees, which boost metabolism using ingredients like tarragon, cinnamon and other spices but taste so good you don’t think of anything other than ordering seconds.

Marie and Megan sent out 8 series of 100 percent looks- ranging from dressy to denim as well as their top spring accessory picks from Dior, Prada and MCM. If that wasn’t enough, Mara Hoffman and Trina Turk swimwear in delightful prints and cuts were brought out to add a burst of summer to the show. Who’s ready for warm weather?

100 percent is 100 percent pretty and on-trend with everything you need to stay stylish this season: fringe accents, color, gingham, nautical, sequins, neoprene, wearable midi tops, summer leather and flares. Frocks in Crayola technicolor splendor by Clover Canyon, DVF and Rebecca Taylor are among our favorites.




Look for the 100 percent Bloomies collection only at Bloomingdales, of course, and be sure to stop by 40 Carrots for lunch.


Special thanks to Marlie, Megan, Ruben, Chef Urocs and the models for inviting us. I’ve been to many Bloomingdale’s across the country and in my opinion the Short Hills Bloomingdales offers a particularly special and enjoyable experience.


Elizabeth Maher




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