Black and White trend ?

Black and White trend ?

Black and white are getting a little old for their ubiquitous presence over the past few seasons. Ever since Marc Jacobs’ Louis¬†Vuitton SS 13 black and white striped and checkered collection, it’s been the constant staple of many designers’ collections. Victoria Beckham’s SS 15, along with many other designers at NYFW in the past few days, included a black and white striped skirt that could have easily have been part of LV SS 13.


black andwhite marc jacobs Black and white VictoriaBeckham3



No debate it sells well and looks sharp but enough already. Diane von Furstenberg, Jonathan Simpkhai and Thakoon at least updated the black and white thing with fresh designs that proved to be among NYFW’s best so far. DVF achieved newness by incorporating airy fuzz, color and gloss while Simpkhai cracked and broke up black and white like shattered glass. Thakoon bent the tired stripes into angles expressing movement.


Black and White DVF1 Black and white_  DVF Black and White DVF


Black andwhite jonathan-simkhai Black and white jonathan-simkhai


Black and white takoon2 Black and white takoon1


Designers need to take their lead and do something different than the same old same old. That after all is what fashion design is about and why we stay tuned for more.

By Liz Maher

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