BJI Accessories Trade Show

BJI Accessories Trade Show

BJI’s ACCESSORIES THE SHOW, MODA and FAME accessory trifecta at Javitts runs January 4 through 6. BJI tattooed their event with affordable accessory lines and are ready to place immediate Fall/winter 2015 orders. It’s all well edited and fun, so don’t let the weather keep you away.


Running down the middle of MODA is The Nest, showcasing new and forward brands. Arana, Teresa Arana’s eponymous line,  showcased her 3-D rings, which stood out for their artistry and design. Running from $20-$300, her Oyster series is the most intriguing, but her other designs, Empress, Queen, Princess and Floret are pretty awesome as well.


Moda -arana ring1  Moda -arana ring2


Brandimport is another emerging and notable brand in the nest. Out of California, Yukihiko Urata and Pei Ru Dai combine Swarovski accents, semi-precious stones and “soft” jewelry of hand-sculpted silk and cotton flower petals into fancifully romantic accessories. Go ultra-fem with their Cold Weather Ear Flaps and and Candy Ear Cuff. Prices run $40-$460.


Moda- Brandimport


Another new brand of note, Azin Valy’s Cityzen By Azin offers scarves and clothing inspired by ariel views of cities. Forms follow topography- such as rivers taking the form of straps, mountains forming necklines, and roads striking a transition in the garment. Using the intersection of the human body and urban landscape as a catalyst for the design process, Valy seeks to promote a global dialogue toward peace with art as the unifier of all humankind. If you’re not into overthinking things, you’ll just appreciate Valy’s strikingly sexy and exotic dress designs and unique, pretty scarves and bags


Moda ityzenbyazin1Moda ityzenbyazin.




There is also a tattoo booth run by  Painted Village with some of the coolest temporary tattoos we’ve spotted all year, applied by none other than GreyLayers‘ blogger Jeanne Grey. We choose cobra bracelets and warhead tattoo rings.


moda jpg



In the way of hair Pink Pewter has an impressive array of fantastic headbands, which can be easily wrapped into elaborate hairstyles. Rep and model Alyx Martinez explained Pink Pewter’s aim is to free women from costly hairdressing appointments. Designed by beautician Mirya Villarreal, hairbands don’t rip or abuse tresses, only make them shine.

Kitsch, a Canadian brand, also had both temporary tats as well as hair goods. Kitsch’s tattoos have modern, no fuss sleek lines, while their hair goods are very laid back and geared toward athletic and casual lifestyles. Bauxo, their sister company, sells handcrafted bags and leather and metal jewelry in a relaxed, natural artistic Balinese style. Confide, Sentiment, Robin and Thrill cuffs are top sellers. Most prices are below $40, which seems like a bargain for this level of quality and design.


Moda Bauxo  Moda-Bauxo1


Top trends for Spring/Summer 2015 include well made straw bags and hats. Onigo has the best at MODA. New and notable styles- like their structured leather accented straw bags and huge sun blocking hats- are destined to be top sellers. Hats run $10-$35. And bags run $17-$75.


Moda Onigo3  Moda Onigo2


Zee Alexis by C C Resorts stepped up the game with great looking innovative woven footwear.  For immediate delivery they have men’s and women’s super cool sneakers and sandals. A Converse-like sole also available in a platform is hot. A Birkenstock-esque soled version is also a must order. More importantly, though, is what CC promises for Fall/Winter in woven ankle boots and heels. CC’s guarded their fall line which they explain will be more upscale. No matter how fashionable though, their shoes remain comfortable.


FFANY Day 1   FFANY Day 1




Carrie Chen found inspiration to start her company, Casana, after a trip to Nepal when she was presented a traditional Khatha scarf during her trip. Chen employs Nepalese craftspeople at fair wages to weave her luxurious floral and animal print scarves and then gives a portion of the proceeds back to the Nepalese villages toward health and education development.


Moda Casana Moda Casana1

This show is just a taste, BJI returns February 23 to 25 with more top accessories and brands you need to know about.

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