Count Down to the New Year

Count Down to the New Year

As we begin the count down to the new year, a look back at 2013 best fancy dresses and gowns seems fitting for the event.     You May Also Like:Frieze Street StyleJoseph Mazzilli Men’s Wear DesignerKORTO’S CHRISTMAS

fashion startup

Fashion start-up

    Repost- Even when a fashion start-up is humming along nicely, there are still very long periods, during each season, when no money is flowing into the business, but many costs are being incurred. Even in the best case… READ MORE


Everlane- High quality fashion without the mark up?

Repost   “No Need to Pay 7x the markup for Quality Fashion” Ever Who? A basic t-shirt costs $7.50 to make and could retail for $50 or $60 at a boutique. That math just didn’t add up for Michael Preysman… READ MORE


Holiday lights

  Holiday lights are up, gift guides out, and Christmas carols are looping endlessly through speakers, but retailers’ minds are on surviving the self immolation of deep discounts on Black Friday and trying to recover by getting their forecasts for… READ MORE


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