Art Hearts Fashion Show

Art Hearts Fashion Show

Heartfelt Fashion at the Art Hearts Fashion Show Presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Art Hearts Fashion opened their five designer showcase for New York Fashion Week at Vanderbilt Hall this past Sunday, September 13th. The platform, in association with FTL Moda and sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, included collections from Mister Triple X, Zachary/Nathaniel, Tarek Sinno, Gregorio Sanchez, and Cary Santiago. A common thread running through each collection was high drama – each piece evoked an intensity and passion, much like that of the work done by the AIDS Healtcare Foundation.

Mister Triple X started off the show, with models in various swimsuits and donning his trademark bunny ears. The mostly black collection incorperated some unique prints and metallic accents. Despite the implications of bunny ears, the female models conveyed a sense of power with their black cut out bathing suits and dramatic robes. Male models looked edgy yet cheeky in a variety of shorts and briefs.


Art Hearts -Master Triple X


In sharp contrast, Zachary/Nathaniel presented a collection of demure black and white gowns. Each gown was crisply tailored and seemed to flatter both the models figures and personalities. Strong lines and a simple, colorless pallette helped each dress feel related to one another.

Next was Tarek Sinno, offering a variety of dramatic, albeit dated, evening gowns. A favorite piece was his royal blue dress featuring an embelished cape reminiscent of a that of a bullfighter.


Art Hearts -Tarek Sinno



Gregorio Sanchez‘ collection combined a circus of colors and harlequin print with the style notes of Kate Spade. Cheerful separates were both prim and garish, much in line with traditional preppy clothing – think of the patron saint of pastels and prints, Lilly Pulitzer. Sanchez also took his moment in front of the photogs to share a simple message, “Donald Sucks,” a phrase which speaks for itself.


Art Hearts -Gregorio Sanchez



At the end of the show was Cary Santiago, a Phillipino designer known for dressing some of the highest powered women in his country. Each piece he sent down the runway was fit for the next Met Gala. From bold pleating to intricate embrodiery, every gown and was a hit. Of note was a piece which can only be referred to as Amazonian armor – a metallic leotard with a long train and large headpiece.


Art Hearts




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