american malls

American shopping malls- A thing of the past?

The other day I saw a roll of film and realized it has become extinct!


This is what the historians are saying about American shopping malls. “It is becoming dying culture”?


american shopping malls


The indoor mall was a destination place.  Busy and energized, it was where the family would have family night out, shopping and the food court.  The first place of independence, you got to walk around the stores with a friend, while you’re adults did what they need to do. It was the rite of passage, when you became a teenager, where you met up with friends and boys.  Can the mall be reinvented? Seems like engaging the consumer and keeping them entertained is the lost art.  Why with cyber and virtual shopping the mall may very well be a thing of the past.


The stats are not good.  No new malls have been built since 2006 and the prediction is half of all maalls will close in the next 10 years. Whether the mall gets a second chance depends on whether it can deliver something not available online.  After all, you can shop, talk to friends, socialize and meet boys without leaving home.


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