Accessory Trend - The Floral head piece

Accessory Trend – The Floral head piece

 As the weather heats up and the crop tops and short shorts make their debuts, everyone’s looking for those key accessories to make a basic outfit not so basic and take an already darling ensemble to another level. A budding trend has every girl in town calling forth their inner flower child and enchanting us with botanical beauty.

Every girl is a princess and every princess deserves a crown and why not one made of flowers? Rosey head wraps have bloomed into one of the hottest trends for this year. Although women wearing flowers in their hair isn’t new and is one of our oldest adornments, the trend lives again after its boom in the 1960’s. Now it is mostly seen at hip music festivals such as Coachella, embracing the wild and free spirit of the music enthusiasts as they enjoy the outdoor scenery. This spirit has found its way to everyday women and continues even after the festivities end.

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Channel the celebrity flower power of Lana Del Ray with lush red waves cascading beneath a crown of roses or rock it Katy Perry style stacking a crown of flowers atop a French braid. Floral tiaras are a natural for street stylists and DIY’ers. Play it up or play it down but remember to mist frequently.



floral headpiece trend Lana Del Ray          floral head piece trend- Katie perry


From little delicate flowers to huge blossoming ones, a head of flowers is sure to captivate lots of attention. Consider mixing different type of flowers of all sorts of colors or keep it minimal and stick with the same color and flower, either way one can’t go wrong. Each flower you choose expresses a different meaning and brings out a different part of you, capturing your inner beauty. For the earthier, nature-loving girls, there is nothing like using fresh flowers or even incorporating vines and leaves giving it an even more enchanting Greek goddess feel. When you rock your crown, consider yourself fashion royalty as you frolic through the meadows and urban gardens.

floral head band-1 copy floral head band- copy



Complete any bohemian look, perk up your basic lazy  look  or even enhance a modern wedding look with a floral face frame. This is a way to really be unique on your special day with a piece that defines you. With your floral headdress, standing out and being memorable becomes a perfumed breeze.  Be romantic, girly and care-free as you stun the world in your beautiful crown.

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