6 Fun Ways To Get The Body Of Your Dreams

To be considered attractive and have an amazing body is what almost everyone wants today. Receiving compliments boosts your self- confidence and makes you feel great about yourself. Girls love being the center of attention and making heads turn!


Unfortunately, because of our busy schedule and endless options of convenient junk foods, it becomes difficult to get into shape. Many of us make every possible effort but are demotivated to continue. Gymming or working out at home is boring for a lot of people too!


Fortunately, there are several other exercises that you can get into and get the ideal body. These activities are fun, will keep you motivated and you wouldn’t want to stop!


We have shortlisted a combination of known and unknown activities that you can begin right away! Now don’t just dream about that toned bod. Shake a leg and soon you’ll be able to buy that sexy lingerie that you have had your eye on for months. Check them out below:



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Do you feel that gymming is dull? I know it can be boring for a lot of people. Lifting weights and running on the treadmill isn’t for everyone!


Why don’t you enroll yourself in a Zumba class? A Latin form of workout, Zumba is the combination of dance and aerobics performed on energetic, catchy music. It incorporates salsa, hip-hop, squats, lunges and other forms too. Sounds fun doesn’t it?


You can tone up your arms, thighs, abs and other areas of the body while having an amazing time! What’s great is that Zumba is that it combines both- cardio as well as strength training.


When you join a Zumba class, you get to meet new people too! It’s a lot of fun as you get to lose that extra weight while moving to your favorite tune.



6 Fun Ways To Get The Body Of Your Dreams

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Pilates is a form of controlled movements. When practiced with consistency, it can highly improve your strength, flexibility and you develop endurance.


You work on your ‘core’ which includes your abdomen muscles, lower back as well as hip muscles. Pilates improves your breathing as well!


The intensity of a Pilates routine increases from beginner to advanced and your body adjusts to the shift gradually.


Extremely rejuvenating, aerial yoga is taking people by storm! In simplest terms, aerial yoga is performing yoga on a suspended hammock (like a scarf). The hammock is fixed on the ceiling above and is adjusted to your convenient height. If this doesn’t excite you, then what will?


Without any pressure on your head or spine, performing asanas like Sirsasana and Halasana becomes easier. Being suspended also eases the pressure on your body. You are more comfortable as it decompresses the spinal cord. You are swift with your movements and mobility comes with ease.

Effective and extremely graceful.



6 Fun Ways To Get The Body Of Your Dreams

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There are several dance forms that you can take classes in. Hip-hop, salsa, samba, contemporary, ballet, jazz, Bollywood.


According to your preference and interest, there are several others to choose from too. Get into that groove to get that sexy body! Going for a one hour class will be fun and you won’t even realize where the time went.


Nothing better than moving on the latest song by Beyoncé now is it?




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Hiking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. It improves the cardiovascular abilities of your heart. It strengthens’ your lungs and blood vessels. Apart from enhancing your muscular fitness, hiking also lowers your risk of getting a stroke and coronary disease.


Many people love to go on hikes for nature and the fresh air. Hiking can also lower your LDL levels or the “bad cholesterol”. It is beneficial as it lowers the risk of breast and colon cancers.


Hiking can make you burn up to 370 calories in one hour. Amazing, isn’t it?


Ideal for both children and adults, Hiking can really refresh your body. It is the best option for you if you want a form of an outdoor exercise. You will definitely come back home happier and healthier.




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Swimming tones up your entire body because you use every muscle in those strokes. Hit the pool to beat the heat in summers or join an indoor pool if you live in a colder region.


Don’t underestimate the power of swimming! You can even take a swim at the beach or visit a lake which permits swimmers. Apart from toning up, swimming will help you improve your breathing as well.


Together with your favorite exercise, include superfoods in your diet every day and unleash the beautiful body in you!!






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