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When placing orders or merchandising, it helps to cater to a look or lifestyle. You have to assess who your customer is and what she aspires to and suits her needs. To help in doing so and since people are so heavily influenced by the media and celebrity, to the point where they hire.

Aulio by César Alcocer

This season you’ll find a fresh collection of dresses and separates crafted from a kaleidoscope of black and white circle and diamond printed silk charmeuse, Dolores del Rio-inspired noir florals and silk chiffon shifts covered by dreamy Swiss and Mexican laces.


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  • How to Wear Shorts- If You Don’t Have A Thigh Gap



    How to Wear Shorts If You Don’t Have A Thigh Gap

    First step: Put them on-  Okay, this is incredibly obvious, but the first step in the process of pulling off shorts is just to put them on. Just try them! If you own a pair that you haven’t worn in years, just try them on in the privacy of your own home. You might love them! If you don’t own a pair, go to one of your favorite stores where you are most comfortable and venture to the shorts aisle, sneakily grab a pair, and try them on in the dressing room. Don’t judge yourself for not having a thigh gap when you do–just think of all the new outfit combinations that will open up before you with a new pair of bottoms in your wardrobe. Right??



    Think beyond the cut-off-  Not the kind of girl that let’s her butt cheeks hang out of the bottom of her cut-off shorts? Of course you’re not! That look is ridiculous. Cut-offs are for co-eds and girls on spring break and rednecks who literally cut their jeans in to shorts. There are many more flattering shorts styles out there for us full-figured ladies… please see the next slide.

    Try a denim short with a cuff insteadA cuffed hemline is infinitely more flattering than a cut-off, and in my opinion, infinitely more stylish/timeless, too. Try a pair that is a dark denim wash on the outer leg, and a lighter, faded color on the front/middle–it has the same effect that an illusion dress has on your waistline, but for your thighs.




    Go for leg width not lengthEvery woman over size 8 thinks she has to be relegated to wearing Bermuda shorts for the rest of her life. Longer shorts are not necessarily more flattering, OKAY? Listen to what I am saying: go for shorts with a wider leg opening, not a longer length. The wider the leg opening, the thinner your thighs will look (and the roomier/more comfortable the shorts will be). Even skinny girls appreciate a wide leg opening (right, Man Repeller??).



    Again, width not length

    Put some self tanner on those luscious thighs of yours- Show off your especially JUICY thighs by lathering on a little self-tanner before you go out. I’m not against fairer skin types, it’s just a fact that a little tan goes a long way. Cover up imperfections and make yourself look just a WEE bit thinner with self tanner–it’s as easy as that. Also, put lotion on because dry skin isn’t cute whether you’re a size 2 or 22.


    Just say “No” to chinos- Sorry, J.Crew, but no one looks good in chino shorts. Notta one. They’re just brutal and are an easy style to avoid if you are above a size 6. Heck–above a size 00.



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  • Celebrity Street Style: L.A. Edition

    Celebrity Street Style: L.A. Edition Summer style is in full swing on the streets of sunny California. Stylish celebs are rocking the latest looks both on-and-off screen and here at Fashion Edits, we’ve captured some of the hottest celeb looks that…

    Celebrity Street Style: L.A. Edition

    Summer style is in full swing on the streets of sunny California. Stylish celebs are rocking the latest looks both on-and-off screen and here at Fashion Edits, we’ve captured some of the hottest celeb looks that you can make your own.


    la street style kate bosworthla street style -alessandra-ambrosiola street style rose mcgowanla street styleSolange




    Kate Bosworth: Cool and collected


    Kate looks effortlessly chic in a cotton black tee, oversized jeans, and tan leather sandals. She makes the look her own by adding a multicolored striped wide belt. Don’t forget to add a pair of aviator shades to make it L.A. cool.


    Alessandra Ambrosio: Short shorts


    The leggy model Alessandra Ambrosio shows some skin on the streets of L.A. with short printed shorts. She classes up the look while still looking casually cool by pairing the short shorts with a chambray button-down top and flat flip-flops. She pulls the look together by adding a wide, light brown leather belt.


    Rose McGowan: New York chic in LA


    Rose McGowan rocks black better than any New Yorker and brings a level of chic and sophistication to her all-black look of leather boxy shorts, fitted tank top, oversized leather purse, shades, and hi-tops with a pretty in pink lipstick that adds the perfect amount of color to her look.


    Solange: Easy and breezy


    Solange keeps cool on the streets of Hollywood by wearing a long, shear white button-down paired with 70′s inspired high-waisted light jeans. The songstress adds an element of glamour by sporting a metallic gold purse with the outfit, dark shades, and a slicked back hairdo with a red lip.


    Jessica Alba: Layered lady


    Jessica Alba layers up for her Starbucks run in Los Angeles, CA. She wears a navy blue blazer over a navy top, with a blue leather purse to the side, skinny jeans and red booties. What we love best about this look is the red accent prints on her jeans that tie-in perfectly to her red booties.


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    MAN SHOW JULY 2014


    It’s quiet Monday afternoon on the sunny West Village block this July. As we walked up to Industria studios home of the MAN SHOW, there are no long lines, gift bags, no c list celebrities selling their new collection, and no bloggers asking for the free product of the moment.  Inside feels intimate then the overwhelming feeling of trade shows where most editors and buyers get overwhelmed.


    MAN SHOW is in their sixth season and has grown exponentially the last 3 years. With sold out shows in Paris and New York featuring brands from around the world, MAN / WOMAN is now expanding to the Asian market next week with an inaugural event in Tokyo featuring over 55 European and American brands. MAN is the only fashion trade show that has platforms in the three key cities offering exposure in the main territories to provide global consistency  – Paris for Europe, New York for America and now Tokyo for all of Asia.  The goal for MAN SHOW is to expand globally while maintaining a tight curation of brands from France, Sweden, UK, Japan, America and more and establish a community of like-minded lifestyle labels around the globe.


    The first stop was the pop up shop.  The pop up shop was a preview of  the inaugural Tokyo show taking place the week of July 28th. MAN SHOW’s showroom partner Nire Ups, curated the preview with their collection of brands.  Showroom Ateliel used to opportunity to showcase casual knits from Holiday’s Comfort, leather backpacks, novelty jewelry from PHENOMENON×NaNa-NaNa, and lifestyle products from Before My Breakfast.




    Accessories brand POST IMPERIAL offers concepts from a modern perspective. All our products are made in New York using custom hand dyed fabrics from Nigeria. Some of the fabrics we dye with are sourced within the country, but we do bring in fabrics from Japan, England and few other places. The whole process plays into our story of creating contemporary work that connects cultural lines.



    Man show PostImperial



    man show -pocket square -post imperial


    Heading up to the main attraction we were treated to an array of stripes from JED & MARNE, is an independent American brand that works exclusively with Mayan master weavers throughout the highlands of Guatemala. All fabrics from their collection are yarn dyed and hand-woven on pine treadle looms.  In addition to adding different lengths in their well-known shorts, the brand also introduced totes to their collection.


    man show -lime-pond-jed-and-marne-handwoven-shorts


    Combining fashion and art together, COMMUNE DE PARIS offered printed dress shirts, animated baseball jackets, silk scarfs, and cotton knits for their Spring 2015 collection.  Designer  Alexandre Maisetti collaborates with artists where they combine traditional tailoring and the concept of contemporary art.  The brand celebrated an important milestone debuting their first presentation at Paris Fashion Week.


    Man show-commune de paris1


    Next was NYC based brand DDUGOFF, designed by Daniel DuGoff. The Spring 15 collection, was filled with a range of grays, blues, white that all have an 1950s summer-camp feeling.  Sleek silk satin prints inspired by the East River were seen in sweatshirts, shorts, and shirts.  Outerwear was a highlight of the collection with grey quilted vest with orange contrast, and updated the modern parka using shiny nylon material.   The Spring/Summer 2015 collection looks to expand the scope of Fall/Winter 2014, adding technical fabrics and cut-and-sew t-shirts in a mercerized cotton.


    man show-ddugoff1



    The final stop was at Japanese based brand EYEVAN 7285. Offering eyewear that can be owned as sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. Very different from the typical brown plastic frames,  EYEVAN 7295’s styles have elegant details that attest to the high quality of manufacture. Futuristic and ultra-trendy.



    manshow - eyevan




    Walking the show we traveled to Tokyo, Nigeria, Paris, Brooklyn and the East River.   The MAN SHOW is flipping the script for buyers and press in the way collections are presented. Where mainstream trade shows leave no room for the brands that are not massed produced, MAN SHOW offers brands a platform to showcase their work to the segmented buyer and editor.  We can’t wait to see what is in store for MAN’s sister show WOMAN in September!


    For more information on MAN SHOW please visit: www.man-woman.co


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Celebrity Street Style: L.A. Edition

Celebrity Street Style: L.A. Edition Summer style is in full swing on the streets of sunny California. Stylish celebs are rocking the latest looks both on-and-off screen and here at Fashion Edits, we’ve captured some of the hottest celeb looks that…

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